The Literary Review, Fairleigh Dickinson University, 1999
Contains "Toccata And Feud".
I was contacted out of the blue by The Year's Best Mystery Stories to tell me I was a finalist for this story - which amazed me, because I didn't even know it had been published! I'd submitted it years earlier and never heard a word about it.

Artemis Magazine, Summer 2001
Contains "Revenge Is A Dish..."

Midnight Rose, Southern Rose Productions, 2002
Contains "Pink Samurai" - definitely the silliest story I've ever written!

Book of Dead Things (Updated Edition), edited by Tina L. Jens & Eric M. Cherry, Twilight Tales, 2007
Contains "The Cemetery Plant"

History Is Dead, edited by Kim Paffenroth, Permuted Press, 2007
Contains "The Loaned Ranger"

More Tales Of Zorro, edited by Richard Dean Starr, Moonstone Books, 2011
Contains "The Wrath Of Grapes"

Dark Moon Digest - Young Adult Horror Issue #1, Dark Moon Books, 2013
Contains "Franklinstein" ,Website, September 2013
Contains "Dogged Determination"

Dark Tales From Elder Regions: New York, Myth Ink Books, 2014
Contains "Now Departing"

The Havoc Files 2, Candy Jar Books, 2016
Contains "Exodus From Venus"

Tales Of The Shadowmen

This is an ongoing series edited by Jean-Marc and Randy Lofficier and published by their Black Coat Press. The stories all take characters from French literature (or stories set in France) and give them fresh life. It's great fun to write these tales for the opportunity to bring back to "life" some wonderful characters.

1) The Modern Babylon, 2005
Contains "The Kind-Hearted Torturer" - the Count of Monte Cristo meets Edgar Allan Poe's detective C. Auguste Dupin.

2) Gentlemen Of The Night, 2006
Contain's "The Incomplete Assassin" - Gaston Leroux's detective Joseph Rouletabille encounters Jules Verne's Michael Strogoff.

3) Danse Macabre, 2007
Contains "The Succesful Failure" - Maurice Leblanc's detective Beautrelet runs into Captain W.E. John's Biggles.

4) Lords Of Terror, 2008
Contains "Twenty Thousand Years Under The Sea" - Jules Verne's Captain Nemo discovers H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu.

5) The Vampires Of Paris, 2009
Contains "The Dynamics Of An Asteroid" - Arnould Galopin's Doctor Omega faces Sherlock Holmes' greatest foe, Moriarty. Reprinted in Doctor Omega And The Shadowmen (2011)

6) Grand Guinol, 2010
Contains "The Biggest Guns" - adventurer Doc Ardan (a Doc Savage-type character) meets Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Lord John Roxton. Reprinted in Doc Ardan: The Abominable Snowman (2016)

8) Agents Provocateurs, 2012
Contains "More Imaginative Sins" - Carnacki the Ghost Finder (created by William Hope Hodgson) runs up against Baal and Madame Palmyre (created by Renee Dunan).

9) La Vie en Noir, 2013
Contains "The Benevolent Burglar" - Edgar Wallace's Mr. J.G. Reeder meets Simenon's Maigret - and The Saint makes a devilish cameo.

10) Esprit de Corps 2013
Contains "Return To The Center Of The Earth" - a sequel to Jules Verne's brilliant classic that ends up in an unexpected place.

11) Force Majeure 2014
Contains the second part of "Return To The Center Of The Earth"

13) Sang Froid 2016
Contains "Time To Kill", in which Maigret meets adventurer Bob Morane and is faced with a locked-room mystery.

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