I've always loved watching TV, and I get hooked on many great shows. As a result, I'm very keen to write novels based on them. 

The Avengers: Too Many Targets, St Martins Press 1990, TOR Books, 1998
Is John Steed a traitor and a murderer? Mother thinks so - or is meant to think so - and he sets Tara King on Steed's trail. But it takes everyone who's ever worked with Steed to deal with this case!

How could I resist? With a name like "John Peel", writing a story about John Steed and Emma Peel was a natural, especially since I always adored the TV series. People even sometimes asked me if my name was an alias because of the Avengers connection - but it's quite real!

Thunderbirds - Stingray - Captain Scarlet: The Authorised Programme Guide, Virgin Books, 1993
Actually this covers all of Gerry Anderson's "Supermarionation" shows from Supercar to The Secret Service - an episode guide mostly, and a look at the machines in the shows.

I grew up on Gerry Anderson's puppet shows (and still have several Fireball XL5 models around the house!), so this was a natural for me. I got to watch TV shows and call it research! 

The Addams Family And The Munsters Programme Guide, Virgin, 1994
Episode guides to both shows, plus their more recent reincarnations. Friendly monsters living down the street - what's not to love? 

Are You Afraid Of The Dark?: The Tale Of The Sinister Statues, Minstrel Books, 1995
Dustin and Brianne lose their friend Tim in the local museum, and then find a statue that looks like him. Exactly like him...

My Nickelodeon books came about because of editor Lisa Clancy. Lisa was one of the best editors I've worked with because she was insightful and incredibly reliable. Even though Nickelodeon were very demanding when approving plots, Lisa made the whole business a delight to write.

Are You Afraid Of The Dark?: The Tale Of The Restless House, Minstrel Books, 1995
Nathan Forrester has lured Adam Ingram into a supposedly-haunted house. But when Nathan disappears, Adam discovers that the house is far worse than simply haunted...

Quantum Leap: Independence, Boulevard, 1996
Sam Beckett has Leaped into his ancestor, another Sam, who is caught up in the opening days of the American Revolution in 1776. Sam must save his ancestor's life so that he himself can one day be born.

This one I really wanted to write, and I plagued editor Ginger Buchanan until she agreed. My first outline, though, had been for a story in which Sam is killed in Chapter One, and the Quantum Leap project shut down. His wife, Donna, and Al then have to restart the project in secret to send Donna back to save Sam's life. Ginger pointed out that the fans would have hated the book, since Sam only appears in two chapters! So instead we went with "Independence", as Ginger wanted a story set in the deep past.

Are You Afraid Of The Dark?: The Tale Of The Zero Hero, Minstrel Books, 1997
Simon's grandfather was a notorious coward during World War 1. Now his ghost takes Simon back in time to try and alter what happens and salvage both of their ruined lives.

The Secret World Of Alex Mack: I Spy!, Minstrel Books, 1997
There's a foreign exchange student in school, and she seems to have taken a great interest in Alex's life. Ray is convinced that the girl is a fake and a spy hunting Alex for the company.

Lisa was rather surprised when she asked me to do this one to find that I was an avid viewer of this children's show. To me, a good show is a good show, no matter who it's made for - and Alex Mack was always entertaining.

Are You Afraid Of The Dark?: The Tale Of The Three Wishes, Minstrel Books, 1997
Duncan wants more than anything to be special. He's given a magical checkbook he can make three wishes with and he decides he wants to be a superhero. But there's a price for every check he writes...

I wanted to call this The Tale Of The Reality Checks (since writing checks alters reality), but Nickeloden changed it. They also had problems with all the superhero stunts I wanted Duncan to perform - no rushing into blazing buldings to save trapped people, no rescuing babies from drowning - in case the readers tried to immitate Duncan... So I finally had him fight inter-dimensional monsters, since there was little chance the readers would try that!

The Mystery Files Of Shelby Woo: Hot Rock, Minstrel Books, 1997
Shelby is investigating the bizarre theft of a moon rock. Then one of her suspects confesses to the crime - but Shelby is convinced that he's lying. So who is the guilty party? And why is Tom Rivers lying?

Star Wars Journal: The Fight For Justice, Scholastic, 1998
The story of the first Star Wars movie, told from Luke Skywalker's perspective. As a fan of the first three films (but not the next three!), how could I resist, even if my name wasn't on the cover?

Eerie Indiana: Bureau Of Lost, Avon Camelot, 1997
Eerie's Lost and Found has always been very strange, but now Marsahll and Simon discover that it contains missing people, too - only some of the most notorious have now gone missing from the missing department!

I really enjoyed the zaniness of Eerie Indiana on TV, so when I was offered the chance to write a couple of original novels it was another case where I simply couldn't resist. This first story was a sequel to one of the episodes that I particularly enjoyed.

Eerie Indiana: Simon And Marshall's Excellent Adventure, Avon Camelot, 1997
Marshall is losing things - things that he knows were just there... Then he sees somebody stealing the newspapers he delivers, so he sets a trap. He manages to catch the most unusual thief ever.

I can't resist time travel stories - and this one has somebody going through time in a portajohn. What's not to love?

The Secret World Of Alex Mack: Lost In Vegas, Minstrel, 1998
A vacation in Vegas sounds like just the thing to Alex - no worries about her powers being discovered. Except that her father has a system for winning in the casinos and it attracts a lot of attention...

This was one of those odd coincidences in life. I proposed a story set in Vegas, and the lead actress had just done a photo shoot - in which she'd picked up a map of Vegas! So it was perfect timing for this tale. I wrote it before I'd ever visited Vegas, so some of the details are a little off...

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