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News here is that BBC Audio Books (now AudioGO)  have produced two full-length recordings of my "Daleks Masterplan" novels and a recording of "The Chase". The first, "The Nightmare Begins", was released in May 2010. It is read by actors Peter Purvis (who played Steven Taylor in the story) and Jean Marsh (who was Sara Kingdom). Dalek voices have been supplied by Nicholas Briggs (who does them for the current "Doctor Who" TV series). Music and sound effects have been added for a great listening experience. The second part, "The Mutation Of Time", was released in June 2010. "The Chase", read by Maureen O'Brien (who played Vicki in the original story), again has Dalek voices by Nicholas Briggs. It was released in August 2011.

Comic Strips
My first professional sales were four comic strips that appeared in the English Doctor Who magazine in 1981-82 for editor Alan McKenzie. They were great fun to write, as I was asked to bring back past monsters and villains. It was always a very pleasant surprise when I got to see how the artists interpreted my text!

The Greatest Gamble, issue 56, September 1981
A riverboat gambler on the Mississippi makes a bet he can't afford to lose when he plays against the Celestial Toymaker.

The Gods Walk Among Us, issue 59, December 1981
A Sontarran intent on conquest discovers that the ancient Egyptians may have mistaken him for a god, but they're no fools.

Devil Of The Deep, issue 61, February 1982
A sailor stranded on a desert island makes friends with a lone Sea Devil. Then pirates arrive and determine to kill both man and monster.

The Fires Down Below, issue 64, May 1982
A crack UNIT team heads down a volcano to investigate earthquakes. They find the Dominators and Quarks there, ready to destroy the Earth.

This one was full of my usual silly jokes. The main one is that the team follows the path from Jules Verne's classic A Journey To The Center Of The Earth.


Stuart Moore at St. Martin's Press was responsible for my first book. He wanted a Doctor Who title, and I suggested an update of Terry nation's old Dalek Handbook, which Terry agreed to - provided I did the update, as he was too busy. How could I refuse, given the chance to work with one of my heroes?

The Official Doctor Who & The Daleks Book, written with Terry Nation, St. Martin's Press, 1988
My attempt to create a timeline for the history of the Daleks. Terry (and his wife!) raided Terry's files for background material.

Terry Nation was one of the kindest and most generous people I've ever known. When W.H. Allen asked him if they could novelize his remaining Dalek stories, Terry agreed - provided that I be allowed to write them. I was extremely surprised and - of course - extremely pleased. It was with these novels that my writing career really took off - a success I owe greatly to Terry's help.

The Chase, Target, 1989
The Daleks have created their own time machine and use it to follow the Doctor and his companions throughtout history in an attempt to exterminate him once and for all.

Mission To The Unknown: The Daleks' Masterplan #1, Target, 1989
The Daleks have built a Time Destructor and plan to use it to conquer the Galaxy. The Doctor manages to steal the vital power core and escape with it - and the Daleks are hot on his trail.

The Mutation Of Time: The Daleks' Masterplan #2, Target, 1989
The Doctor, Steven and Sara are still on the run from the Daleks. But the Doctor realizes that he must have a showdown with them and returns to their base world to end everything.

The Daleks' Masterplan was the longest story ever produced for Doctor Who and I was determined it should be longer than the usual Target 128 pages. My editor agreed and said it could be either one really long book or two shorter ones. I chose two shorter. Terry asked me why and I said: "Two advances!" He laughed and said: "Now you're thinking like a real writer!"

The Gallifrey Chronicles, Doctor Who Books, 1991
After my attempt to codify Dalek history, I tried again, this time with the history of the Time Lords. It includes "The Scrolls Of Rassillon", the story of the founding of the Time Lords. I carefully weaseled my way out of claiming it to be true by pointing out that Rassillon lied a lot!

I loved the cover for this book, painted by Andrew Skilleter. As a result, I bought it. When Andrew released his Blacklight book, he kindly credited me as the owner of the painting and I received a complimentary copy of that delightful volume.

Timewyrm: Genesys, Doctor Who Books, 1991
Gilgamesh, the hero-king of Uruk, is targeted for death by a goddess from the stars. The Doctor and Ace arrive on Earth to discover that the Timewyrm - a legendary monster from the Doctor's home world - is now being born, and it aims to destroy everything.

When I heard that editor Peter Darvill-Evans was going to publish original Doctor Who novels I worked hard to author the very first. My original concept for the Timewyrm was a kind of computer-virus creature that could infect the minds of living creatures. Peter liked the idea, but told me he wanted "something with Mesopotamians in it". Luckily I loved The Epic Of Gilgamesh and could whip up another outline fast! As a result I was able to achieve my goal of being the first person to write an original Doctor Who novel. 

The Power Of The Daleks, Doctor Who Books, 1993
The Doctor has regenerated - just in time to arrive on the planet Vulcan, where an old foe has reawakened. These Daleks claim to be the servants of man - but the Doctor is convinced that they are lying...

Daleks - and the very first regeneration of the Doctor. What more could a writer ask? I always loved David Whitaker's stories, and this was one of his best. His ex-wife, actress June Barry, supplied some of his original scripts for me to work from.

The Evil Of The Daleks, Doctor Who Books, 1993
The TARDIS has been stolen, and the Doctor and Jamie follow it back to Victorian London. Here the Doctor discovers his greatest foes have a plan to force him to help them in their conquests.

This is one of the most-loved Doctor Who stories of all time, and perhaps David Whitaker's greatest for the show. I had a wonderful time writing it, and even slipped in a Star Trek joke.

The Missing Adventures: Evolution, Doctor Who Books, 1994
The Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith arrive in Victorian England to discover monsters on the prowl, and encounter Rudyard Kipling and Arthur Conan Doyle. Somebody is kidnapping children and experimenting on them, turning them into... what?

I didn't manage to be first this time out, but I did make second. Sarah Jane was always my favorite companion, and I knew there had to be a story behind the Doctor's Sherlock Holmes outfit in The Talons Of Weng-Chiang, so I had great fun with this story.

War Of The Daleks, BBC Books, 1997
The Thals are tracking down their ancient enemies, the Daleks, intent on wiping them out. The Doctor and Sam find themselves in the middle of a Galactic war as the creator of the Daleks, Davros, is rescued for return to Skaro.

This was the first original Dalek novel, and I was trying to tie up as many loose ends from the TV series as possible. I threw everything into this - including reversing the destruction of Skaro as seen on the TV (at Terry's request). I included a lot of continuity from the old TV21 comics and Dalek annuals from the Sixties - and there's even a guest apperance by Steptoe & Son!

Legacy Of The Daleks, BBC Books, 1998
The Doctor returns to an Earth still recovering from the Dalek invasion. Here he discovers that England is fragmented but one ambitious warlord is determined to conquer it - with the aid of a mysterious advisor. They're raiding Dalek leftovers for technology, but do the Daleks still have a few tricks left?

This was actually based on a short fan fiction story I'd written almost 20 years previously. I liked the idea of seeing what had happened after the Dalek invasion had decimated the Earth - and what had become of the Doctor's granddaughter Susan.

I Am The Doctor, Zone Publishing, 2008
The story of the Doctor's adventures - told by all ten of himself...

What drew me to this were the amazing illustrations by Pete Wallbank.

Seasons Of War 2015
This charity anthology includes my story "Your Move", featuring The War Doctor.

Time Shadows, Pseudoscope, 2016
Another chairty anthology, this time including my Eighth Doctor short Story "Killing Time".

The HAVOC Files 2, Candy Jar Books, 2016
This collection of short stories includes my Lethbridge-Stewart story "Exodus From Venus", the "missing" first chapter from "The Grandfather Infestation".

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