HI Diadem fans! The big news for all of you is that book 11, "Book of Time" and book 12, "Book of Games" are now available from Amazon. 

Meanwhile, "Diadem" has been published in several foreign countries, and I thought you might like to see how your favorite characters have been portrayed elsewhere!


Diadem was another of my creations for editor Craig Walker. He asked me if I could create books something like the computer game Myst. Now I'm probably the world's worst player of computer games, and I couldn't get very far when I tried to play it, so I simply went of and created something that seemed vaguely game-like. I had my characters make moves across planets instead of spaces on a board. This way I could give them completely new menaces to fight in each story.

Craig wanted to add puzzles to the books. These were all written by David Levithan, who was Craig's assistant at the time (and is now an editor and author). That's why the puzzles vanished after book 6 - I went to a different publisher, and there was no way I could match what David had done.

1) Book of Names, Scholastic 1997, Llewellyn 2004
Score is from New York. Helaine is from the medieval world Ordin. Pixel is from virtual reality on the world Calomir. All three are kidnapped and taken to an alien planet. Here they discover they possess magical abilities that need to be trained. They also find that someone is trying to kill them.

2) Book of Signs, Scholastic 1997, Llewellyn 2004
Our heroes arrive on a fresh world and find a new menace - a shapeshifting sorcerer - and new friends, centaurs. The trio are discovering more about themselves and their mysterious destiny.

3) Book of Magic, Scholastic 1997, Llewellyn 2004
The three friends come face to face with their hidden foe, only to discover that he isn't their biggest problem. The entire future of the Diadem hangs on whether they can defeat a menace they thought long-dead.

4) Book of Thunder, 1997, Llewellyn 2004
Thunder is the leader of a herd of unicorns the trio have befriended. Now he's challenged and defeated by a powerful intruder who takes over the herd and exiles Thunder. The friends must help him recover everything that's important to him.

5) Book of Earth, Scholastic 1997, Llewellyn 2005
To save Score's life, the three friends travel back to New York. Here they meet Score's gangster father and a new friend, Destiny. But all is not what it seems, and New York witnesses a fight like nothing ever seen on Earth before.

6) Book of Nightmares, Scholastic 1997, Llewellyn 2005
Pixel is held captive on a world where thoughts and fears from your subconscious or dreaming mind become very real. The friends face living skeletons, dead giants, living computers and a menace far bigger than they could ever have imagined.

7) Book of War, Llewellyn 2005
Helaine returns home to Ordin, and a fourth member joins the group - Jenna. Together they have to save Helaine's family and stop a war. Score also discovers a hidden past he knew nothing about.

8) Book of Oceans, Llewellyn 2005
Piracy on the high seas on a world with virtually no land. The friends must face monsters, fish-men and seasickness in a race to save captives from a burning death. 

9) Book of Reality, Llewellyn 2006
Pixel takes his friends back to his home world in search of his parents. What he discovers is that his world is a nightmare planet controller by the Overmind and that nothing he believes about his past is true.

10) Book of Doom, Llewellyn 2006
Score is betrayed and left to die on a world with no escape. Pixel must try and save his home world, and Helaine and Jenna must save the entire Diadem. It's battle after battle as time is running out.

11) Book of Time, Dragonhome Books 2012
Shanara attempts to show the friends her tortured past, but her spell is hijacked by a powerful sorcerer and instead of seeing her history they are forced to live through it. But if they change anything that has already happened, they may doom their own future.

12) Book of Games, Dragonhome Books 2012
The four friends finally meet their hidden foe - a master magician who wants to defeat them in a series of bizarre games that are created from their own memories. 

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