Fear The Year

Editor David Levithan came up with the original concept for 2099 and asked me if I was interested in turning it into a series. When I read it, I certainly was! Cloning, computer hackers and a secret society dedicated to taking over the world... Far too much fun to pass up!

Published by: Scholastic, 1999-2000

1) Doomsday

Tristan Connor is plunged into a world of disaster and madness as he discovers that Doomsday is approaching - and apparently he's the one causing it. Meanwhile a super-hacker named Genia is loose in the Underworld, and Devon is leading the assault by QUIETUS to take over the world.

2) Betrayal

Tristan discovers that he and Devon have a lot in common - almost everything, in fact. And his girlfriend Mora decides to betray Tristan to the police hunting him down. Genia is arrested by Inspector Shimoda, and they are caught in the disaster facing New York.

3) Traitor

Tristan and Genia are sentenced to the ultimate escape-proof jail, ICE, at the South Pole. Meanwhile, still unsuspected, Devon is ready to take over the Moon for his own little playtning.

4) Revolution

Tristan and Genia manage to escape jail and head back to New York. Meanwhile on Mars there's yet another version of him on the loose - Jame. QUIETUS's bid to dominate the Earth now expands to include the Martian settlers.

5) Meltdown

Tristan, Genia and Inspector Shimoda finally manage to confront Devon, only to discover his ultimate blackmail threat - either surrender the Earth to him or he'll wipe out every last living thing on the planet...

6) Firestorm

The final battle for the control of the human race. Three worlds - Earth, Mars and the Moon - are plunged into deadly conflict as Devon unleashes everything he controls in a desperate attempt to rule.

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