As well as my "Nicholas Adams" books (see my "Aliases" page), I've written a number of other horror stories, these for editor Patricia MacDonald. They were all great fun to write, and I managed to come up with some scary stories. 

Talons, Archway, 1993
Kari Temple falls into a pit below her mother's store and finds a body in chains - dating back to the Vikings. When silver game pieces are stolen from the grave, it unleashes something ancient and terrible that seeks blood.

Shattered, Archway, 1993
Stephanie Kirk has stumbled into a terrifying world of evil twins, where inanimate objects are brought to life to murder people. Then she comes face to face with her own twin - who aims to take her place.

Poison, Archway, 1994
Brittany Harlow likes animals more than she likes most people. But when her best friend's cheating boyfriend turns up dead, she suspects there's a snake involved. A BIG snake - one that can think and plan. And it's planning her death next...

Maniac, Archway, 1995
Dawn Jacobs' friends seem to be affected by a strange malady that makes them believe their dreams and fantasies have come true. But their pleasures are being bought at the price of their lives.

This was my favorite of the books because it's actually a fantasy novel disguised as a horror story. I pulled together a lot of ideas - from fairies to flying saucers - for this one. 

Tombstones: The Last Drop, Archway, 1995
Jared Irving disappears while investigating a local polluter. His friends suspect foul play, but they have no idea how foul until they discover that there's more than one vampire on the loose.

This was the first book in a projected series set around a graveyard. Sadly, I was able to write only one more. Pat told me to be very careful not to be too naughty in the bedroom scene - and then the cover artist painted a beautiful girl in a negligee for the cover!

Tombstones: Dances With Werewolves, Archway, 1995
Holly Brand has killed the werewolf terrorizing her little town. But just when she thinks everything is safe, another werewolf turns up and starts stalking her. 

The last of the Tombstones, and one of my favorite books I've written. I started where most books end, and then go on to explore what happens after the monster is dead. How do you explain everything to the media? Your family? The police? The title - I couldn't resist it. It's my awful sense of humor at play again.

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