James Bond Jr was a project brought to me by Daniel Weiss Associates. There was to be a new animated TV show by the same name - would I like to write the tie-in novels? Would I! I'd been a huge fan of James Bond since I'd seen my first film (You Only Live Twice), and couldn't wait to get to work. Sadly I discovered two drawbacks. First, I wasn't going to be allowed to use my own name on the covers. They came up with "John Vincent" for me to be instead. (I suspect a joke on the name of self-help writer Norman Vincent Peale...) Second the scripts were bad. Really bad. For example, James Jr., despite his name, is James Bond's nephew, not his son. So he can't possibly be a Junior unless his father is also named James... My editor selected the six least-worst scripts for me to work on, and there was a lot to be done to make them readable. I did my best, but the books and the show disappeared quickly...

1) A View To A Thrill, Puffin, 1992
James Bond Jr arrives at his new school in his uncle's borrowed Aston Martin. It's been fitted with an experimental device that SCUM wants and they send Jaws to dispose of James and his friends and obtain the car.

2) The Eiffel Target, Puffin, 1992
Dr Derange has planted a nuclear bomb below the Eiffel Tower. James and his friends have to go to Paris and defuse the situation.

I made the villain more interesting by having him continually argue with himself - and lose...

3) Live And Let's Dance, Puffin 1992
The evil Baron von Skarin aims to replace the heir to the throne of Zamora. James must work with a beautiful ballet student to try and prevent the royal assassination.

4) Sandblast!, Puffin, 1992
Pahraoh Fearo is trying to corner the world's oil supply, financed by stolen treasures. James and an Egyptian girl must battle through the desert to stop his evil schemes.

5) Sword Of Death, Puffin, 1992
An ancient sword with mysterious powers is stolen in London, and James tracks it to Japan. Here he finds Dr. No and his ninja army preparing to use the power of the sword to rule the world.

I know, I know - Dr. No was killed at the end of the very first James Bond movie. But I did tell you that the scripts were bad!

6) High Stakes, Puffin 1992
Ms. Fortune and her evil butler sidekick have invaded Las Vegas in an attempt to loot all of the casinos. She has an innovative ice-making formula to make sure she gets all of the cold cash.

This was the last book, so I went all-out in being silly. I turned Ms. Fortune and her butler into evil Lady Penelope and Parker clones (including a pink Rolls Royce!). Then I added my wife's aunts to the story...

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