Since "The Secret of Dragonhome" was first published in 1998, I have had hundreds of requests for a sequel. I published the second book in the series, "The Slayers of Dragonhome" , in 2011. Now the third volume is ready - "The Siege of Dragonhome"!

All of your favorite characters from the first two books are back, plus - I hope! - a bunch of new favorites. The story follows directly on from book 2.

The Secret of Dragonhome

Published by: Scholastic (1998)
2nd Edition by Dragonhome Books, 2014

Melayne and her brother Sarrow are left orphans when raiders kill their parents. They are both Talents, possessing special abilities. Melayne can talk to animals. In their world, they are considered dangerous and all Talents are sought out by the King's Men and forced to join the army in an unending war. Melayne decides instead to seek sanctuary, and after a dangerous journey the siblings arrive at Dragonhome. Here they find the strange, reclusive Lord Sander and his young son. They also discover strange noises in the night and a deadly secret hidden deep within the castle...

Another of my works for Craig Walker. He called me up one day and asked if I was interested in writing "Jane Eyre with dragons." I liked the thought so much that I wrote the complete outline that evening!

The Slayers of Dragonhome

Published by: Dragonhome Books (2011)

After raiders attack Melayne in her refuge in the Far Isles, she is forced to leave her family and return to Dragonhome in search of her fate. Meanwhile Sander and Corran are on a quest of their own to find the home of the raiders. And the dragons are in search of mates... 

The book I've had the most requests to write! Hopefully you will all have as much fun reading it as I did writing it!

The Siege of Dragonhome

Published by: Dragonhome Books (2016)

Melayne and Sander are back in Dragonhome, but there's a hostile army surrounding them - and an army of Talents on their way to finish them off...


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