What if there was another world that existed alongside our own that was almost the same as ours, but twisted in a different direction? A world where they used magic to live their everyday lives instead of science, as we do? A world where there's another you, but of the opposite sex? 

This three book series imagines just that...

Publisher: Aladdin Paperbacks, 2001-02

1) Suddenly Twins!

Chrissie Scott meets her other-world twin Chris and is taken to a United States where everything is done using magic. Here she adopts a small dragon named Kara and helps her twin to save his world from the evil clutches of Lori Lee.

2) Twice The Trouble!

Back on Earth again, Chrissie has problems keeping her talking dragon hidden, and then finds Lori Lee has a twin here - Larry Lee. Larry is planning to steal a space shuttle, and Chrissie, Chris and their friends have to stop him.

3) Double Disaster!

Lori and Larry Lee team up to threaten both worlds when they find the Mother of all Dragons. She's been trapped in limbo for thousands of years and now wants her revenge by destroying the entire human race...

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