Hi! Welcome to my website. It's something of a work in progress and I hope it will improve as time goes on.

The Siege of Dragonhome

The third book in my "Dragonhome" series is now available from Amazon, both in print and Kindle editions!

Horror Selfies

I've just joined a couple of hundred of my colleagues from the Horror Writers Association by posting a selfie of myself on their new site www.horrorselfies.com. I'm in some excellent company (including Steven King), so why not hop on over and check it out? Stay awhile and browse!

"Secret of Dragonhome" Reprint & eBook

I've had a lot of rerquests for this one, so I'm very happy to be able to report that "The Secret of Dragonhome" has now been reissued in paperback. It's also finally available for the Kindle (a lot cheaper!). Sadly, I don't have the rights to the beautiful original cover illustration by the Brothers Hildebrandt, so the new cover isn't as exciting.

"Outwand" is here!

My latest book is a stand-alone fantasy adventure called "Outwand". It's available from Amazon.com as a print book or - much cheaper! - as a Kindle e-book. It's set in King Arthur country in England... mostly. For more information, see my "Everything Else" page.


The next volume of "Diadem" is now available! It contains both books 11 and 12 in a single volume. You can order it now from CreateSpace.com or as for the Kindle from Amazon.com. It should be available directly from Amazon very shortly. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I loved writing it! 


"The Slayers of Dragonhome" is ready now - see the wonderful cover on the side of this page. It's by Nicole Lane, and I for one am thrilled. You can get it directly from CreateSpace https://www.createspace.com/3717316 but it is also availble direct from Amazon.

Like Me On Facebook

I've finally joined the rest of the world (at least it feels like that!) on Facebook. I'll be issuing regular updates on Diadem and Dragonhome from there. You can find me at:

The Chase

I've just received copies of the AudioGO recording of my novel The Chase. It's read by Maureen O'Brien (who played companion Vicki in the TV original), with Dalek voices by Nicholas Briggs. There are music and sound effects to accompany her delightful reading, and I'm extremely pleased with the whole production. You can order it now from www.audiogo.co.uk and hear for yourself how wonderful it is!


My latest short story appears in More Tales Of Zorro. I've been a Zorro fan since I was a kid and loved writing this one. More information on my Short Stories page.

Dalek Masterplan Audio!

I've just received my hot-off-the-presses copy of the first volume - five audio CDs read by Peter Purvis and Jean Marsh, with Nicholas Briggs doing the Dalek voices. It's the first audio from any of my books, and I'm extremely happy with it. There are sound effects and music added, so it's a brilliant experience.


I've written over a hundred books so far, with more to come. Here I hope you'll be able to find details of all of my past books, plus news of upcoming projects.

You can also sign my guestbook or write directly to me with questions or comments. If there's anything more you'd like to see or anything you think could be improved, just let me know and I'll try and take care of it.

I've listed all of my published books and short fiction, including covers for most. There's even some foreign editions illustrated. I've not yet included all of my magazine work (which is quite extensive!) or my old fan fiction stories. If there's any interest in these, I may try and work on that.

Meanwhile, there are some snippets of news to tantalize you to the left...

My long-time agent, Mary Jack Wald, has just retired. When I began to write professionally I knew I needed a good agent to handle contracts and deal with editors on my behalf. I found Mary Jack in the Writers And Artists Yearbook (an invaluable tool for the novice writer). I realized most people looking for an agent would start at the front and work back, so I started at the end and worked forward instead! We hit it off from our first meeting, and she's represented me since then. She's always been invaluable and a pleasure to work with (though one editor called her "the dragon lady", which made Mary Jack very proud!). Happy retirement!

About Me

I was born in Nottingham, England (the home of Robin Hood) in 1954. I was a rather sickly child, so instead of playing games and sports I read a lot. And reading a lot led me to want to create my own stories, so then I began to write a lot. I was 27 before I became a professional by selling my first story - a comic strip to Marvel Comics. Then I managed to sell articles about British TV shows to an American magazine, Fantasy Empire

I moved to New York in 1981 to get married, and shortly after that I became the editor of Fantasy Empire. My first book came as a result of that, and then I started to write fiction. My first original novel was Uptime, Downtime in 1992, and I've been writing novels ever since. 

Most authors get their start selling short stories. I've never been able to do things right, so it was quite some time after my novels that I managed to sell my first short stories. I've still sold more novels than short stories!

Currently I live on Long Island with my wife and our menagerie of dogs. We were active in helping to rescue abandoned and unwanted Miniature Pinschers for several years and as a result we ended up keeping ones we couldn't find homes for. Right now we have the girls - Princess (and yes, she knows she's in charge of us), Pepper, Peaches, Primrose and Lady Penelope - and the boys - Bartleby, Reggie, Teivel, Anubis and Yule (we saved him from being put to sleep on Christmas Eve).

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